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This virtual archive (see right) echoes the experience of trying to find sculptures when physically visiting Grizedale Forest – it is entirely possible to spend a day walking around and not find any artworks at all, so the images of the sculptures are deliberately very small. You will need to zoom in to find them.


Click on the the box on the bottom right to make the archive full screen. You can leave the archive by using the escape key on your keyboard.


Click on the artwork and you’ll get a close up of it. However, beware! This archive does not reveal everything to those who can’t wait. You will need to use the + and -  buttons on the right hand of the screen to navigate. If you click back onto the map or the home sign when zoomed in, you will return to the  area’s overview map, and will need to re-navigate your way back into the forest sculptures through zooming in again. 





Credit: All images and interviews shown with kind permisssion of the Artists, Forestry Commission England, Grizedale Society and Grizedale Arts. 

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